taking advantage of “down time”

November 23, 2008

As most people who have looked at this humble blog probably already know, I will be going into the hospital this week for a much needed hip replacement. At 39, this is an unusual thing, so I expect to urn a few heads in the joint replacement ward. But, it is what it is. I feel thankful to live in a time when my ailment is so easily corrected. I look forward to being able to walk normally again, without a cane, and my students (many of whom have only known me this school year and with a cane) had better get ready for the new and improved Mrs. Watson when I return! I also must acknowledge my supportive and loving family, especially my husband and son who have waited on me hand and foot, patiently walked with me while I hobbled to and fro, and in general have made it possible for me to keep working up until this point. I couldn’t ask for more supportive family and friends.

With all that said, let’s talk about ART! Specifically, let’s talk about the art I have been thinking I will do during my recovery period and how this recovery period will affect my art and the creative process. Already, I have been planning some specific art projects and they’ve been defined by what I think will be limiting circumstances: Limited mobility, limited ability to sit (at first), and obviously, limited standing/walking ability (also at first). Working with clay, at least as I’ve done in the past, is out. Standing at an easel, probably also out. Sitting at the torch, making beads, well that I might be able to do in a couple of weeks. So, that leaves me some promising outlets including drawing, small object painting and jewelry making.

I love to make pocketbook/matchbook shrines and I have been gathering supplies for that: Miniature objects and ephemera, papers for collage, pastels, varnish, and paints. I think I will work with those objects first but as to what I will use as my subjects or inspiration, I cannot say. That hopefully will work itself out in the next week or so.

Once I am more mobile, I plan to do some lampwork. I am very excited about this and even on this blog you can see I’ve been feeling very experimental lately. I am collaborating with jewelry designer Jane Estes on the ISGB Convergence Project and Competition, and I hope to get some work done on that project during my recovery period as well.

Lastly, I hope to make some lampwork jewelry from my finished beads. I have been particularly fond of making pendants during the last year or so and quite averse to earrings. Maybe that will change and I will get some earrings made. I would like to include found objects in my designs, so that will be a challenge to my creativity as I work in this category.

So, give me a week or two to get it together after surgery and I hope to post again before you know it. Time flies when you’re having fun, and I intend to have a blast with this new experience. I can’t wait o see its reflection – and expression – in my art.