something new

December 8, 2008

I am beginning my work on personal shrines. I’ve been sketching out ideas for design but haven’t given much though to content yet…a mere list in my sketchbook at best. I want these prefab balsa cabinets to really take on a life of their own through the various media I plan to use but I also want them to evoke emotion, because, after all, they are shrines. I see shrines as a venue for honoring an idea, a memory or special time in one’s life.

Previous shrines I’ve made have been from matchboxes (small and large), as well as from objects such as Laughing Cow™ containers or soap boxes. The soap boxes smell good.

Humor, passion, art and strength will feature prominently in these personal shrines. I am tempted to create one or two to honor the memory of my father, who passed away in 2007 from brain cancer or commemorate the life of my grandmother, still living a shadow life with Alzheimer’s. I’ve used my art a lot in the last two years to work through my grief so I am not sure that I need to address them again with these particular shrines. But as always, we’ll see…

I plan to use ink, collage, and personal drawings heavily. I also have some tiny adornments that might work as well as some copies of old photographs. I’ll post updated pictures as I have them. For now, here’s what I have so far, just a little gesso. Enjoy!