shrines, continued

December 12, 2008

Now I have added some color to the shrines. I used ink on top of the gesso for a nice layered and transparent look. I blended colors that I liked and even had quite a bit of fun using brown. It rounds colors out nicely. Still not sure of their content, I use “assembly line” time for quiet contemplation. It is still too early for me to tell what each of these little cabinets will become.

So far, I’ve colored six shrines (not all are pictured above).

Next, collage. I decided not to use ink on the inside, because (1) I have a limited supply and (2) I have an abundant supply of paper to use instead. Anyway, I love collage, and I think it makes the inside of each shrine a bit more special and secret and important. As I worked, I allowed only color to drive me. No hidden messages, no theme yet for any of the shrines. I am toying with the idea of leaving them be, and making them available for people who wish to further customize them to their own ideas, people, messages, or causes.

The purple one remains empty at this time. It is my favorite one so far, and I just haven’t worked up the creative juice for it yet.

The brown-yellow one surprised me because when I was finished looking with it and actually looked at it as a piece, not a project in process, there was something of a message. The words bite, real estate, and crime all appear in text that I thought I was randomly adhering with varnish. Subliminal, for sure! Definitely not intended, though.

My papers that I use come from a variety of sources:

I just save cool stuff and then tear it up to use in my mixed media and collage pieces. I also use the papers to customize bar soap boxes to hold my Etsy items that sell when I mail them out. Very customized packing!

Here’s where I am now:

Next for me is to figure out the path of the purple shrine…