ride the wave

August 14, 2009


The end of summer break is drawing near, and I find myself at the zenith of my creative energy. June was for decompressing, exercising, and sleeping. July was all about business: Dental appointments, doctor appointments, various household administrative tasks that had been held il summer break. Around the middle of July, the electric buzz in my head meant ideas were finally heating up and bouncing around in my brain and my “work” began. By August 1st, I was in the throes of jewelry making, photography, listing new items on Etsy and planning my next moves. Art shows to enter, new beads to make on the torch and suddenly, I realized that school is less than two weeks away…


You might think that I am not looking forward to school. Not true. I love teaching art, and I love what I do for ten months out of the year. It’s just that the next two weeks are in many ways the hardest part of he year, and require a shift in thinking for me. A shift that takes me away from my much awaited regenerative, creative time back to lesson planning, meetings, parents, anxious teenagers trying so hard not to look like anxious teenagers, more meetings, more lesson plans, new schedule, new problems to solve and the like. The Friday before teachers return to work is always the hardest. Four projects to wrap up this weekend. Somehow get to sleep Sunday night. Show up Monday morning, with a smile on my face, ready to begin a school year anew.

Every year this happens. I press the “pause” button on my tidal wave of creative energy. Then I spend two hard weeks preparing for the real work of the school year to begin. And, as always, when I press that “pause” button a second ime to unleash the creative thinking again, I realize hat I have a better use for that creative energy than just me.

Here’s to a new school year.