living in the digital age

July 24th, 2009

As a part of my professional development, I am taking a course in Digital Citizenship through my school district. Very informative. Very cool. Very much a prerequisite before they let you take even more informative and even cooler technology courses. I’m really looking forward to some exciting high tech connections in my teaching this coming school year.

One of the requirements for completion of the course is journaling. I’d like to share an excerpt from my journal with you now:

In closing, I am glad to be a part of the generation that might not have always lived with high tech goodness but was of age and open to it as it came around. I turned forty this year, and I remember – and lived – taking programming in the 7th grade, also while learning how to use a word processing electronic typewriter. I remember – and lived – the morphing of the telephone from the big black one in the hallway or kitchen to the tiny one in my back pocket that does way more than just send my voice across the air. Remember how cool and new pagers were? Remember when a fax was solely a separate piece of clunky machinery? While my son and my students have never known anything different from the high tech world in which we live and because of that they think they’re all that and a bag of chips, I lived through the advent of this high tech world. Its history is a part of me, and it gives me context, it gives me appreciation for what is happening and what is to come. And that’s pretty cool.

Something to think about.